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Making Sure You Enjoy Your Retirement Years

Once retired, many people want to be able to do all the things they could not do while they were working, supporting and raising a family and furthering their career. Retirement is the time to be able to kick back finally and get to do all the things that were not possible for so many years. Being able to go on vacation, enjoy the arts, theatre, and music and see the sites is something many people look forward to when they retire. However, there may still be bills to pay and money needed to do all this. As well as possibly still having a mortgage payment too. An option that can be considered is a lifetime mortgage scheme.

This allows the home owner aged between 55 and 95, to have a lump sum of money secured on the home at a fixed interest rate. There is no monthly payment on the loan and the home owner owns the home 100%. Read More...

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TestimonialsJohanna Taylor

"I have been in financial trouble for quite a long time and I had already resigned myself to fight every day to pay the bills. I knew nothing about equity release until EHCCI came across my way. I am so relieved now."

TestimonialsAlfred Johnson

"I am not the wisest fellow when it comes to money, I know. I wish I realized it when I was younger. I managed to get by, but I would be living in a much worse situation now were it not I have found EHCCI."

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